Six-year-old girl with cancer fulfils dream of becoming a police officer

Six-year-old girl with cancer fulfils dream of becoming a police officer

Abigail Arias has been diagnosed with a Wilms tumour, a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys in children, and can often be terminal. The six-year-old's condition has worsened, to the point that she is not expected to live too much longer.

But before things get any worse, she was given the opportunity to fulfil a dream she thought she never would.

"The chemo and radiation hasn't worked and basically the family is now leaving it in God's hands and praying for a miracle," Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr. said of her condition, speaking with CNN. "They basically said it's time to enjoy some life," her mother, Ilene, later said. "Extremely tough, we cried for a few weeks."

While this seems like a dire situation, it was a situation that Garivey put some thought towards. When he met the little girl in December, she told him that she had always wanted to be a police officer. So, this week, he made sure that she got to achieve that dream when she still had some time left.

Giving her a specially-made uniform to wear, and standing on a stepladder, Abigail was sworn in as an honourary officer, with the entire Freeport police department in attendance. The video of the beautiful moment was shared on Facebook by the Freeport PD, where they wrote:

"Congratulations to the newest member of the Freeport Police Department, Honorary Officer Abigail Rose Arias! She took an oath today to continue fighting the “bad guys” until she is cancer free!

"What a great day for the City of Freeport, and our Law Enforcement Family from all over this great state, who were in attendance! Also a special thanks to Rick Fernandez owner of Cop Stop Inc. for the wonderful FPD uniform and duty rig!"

Speaking to ABC13, Abigail had a heartbreaking take on her situation. "I have cancer. The bad guys are in my lungs. I rung the bell, but now this cancer is coming back," she said.

Officer Garivey, however, is looking on the positive side, finding inspiration in her ability to deal with this difficult situation at such a young age:

"Her spirit, her toughness, her will to survive, that’s what [we believe in]. Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting ‘the bad guys’ inside of her – I wanted to make her dream come true.

"You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is."

The Angelton Police Department also had an officer present at the swearing-in ceremony, and shared the story to their page.

"Abigail is battling cancer, and doctors have told the family there is no cure," they wrote, adding: "Please keep her and the Arias family in your thoughts and prayers."

The ceremony was attended by a number of police officers from across Texas, as well as Abigail’s family and friends.