Spring breaker apologizes after saying coronavirus wouldn't stop him partying

Spring breaker apologizes after saying coronavirus wouldn't stop him partying

As the coronavirus outbreak becomes increasingly drastic, some youngsters have been criticized for their response to it. Last week, for instance, one young man named Brady Sluder went viral after telling CBS News that he would continue partying in spite of the COVID-19 crisis.

"If I get corona I’ll get corona, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying," the high school graduate from Milford, Ohio said. "You know, I’ve been waiting, we’ve been waiting for Miami spring break for a while. About two months we’ve had this trip planned, two or three months, and we’re just out here having a good time. Whatever happens, happens."

Check out the now-infamous comments below:

Much has changed in the week since Brady made the remarks, with more and more countries enforcing nationwide lockdowns in order to combat the disease. And it seems that Brady now realizes the potential ramifications of large social gatherings amid the ongoing pandemic.

Indeed, the youngster recently took to Instagram to apologize for his initial response to the outbreak:

"I would like to sincerely apologise for the insincere comment I made in regards to COVID-19 while on spring break. I wasn’t aware of the severity of my actions and comments. I’d like to take this time to own up to the mistakes I’ve made and apologise to the people I’ve offended.

Like many others, I have elderly people who I adore more than anything in the world and other family members who are at risk, and I understand how concerning this disease is for us all. Our generation may feel invincible, like I did when I commented, but we have a responsibility to listen and follow the recommendations in our communities.

I will continue to learn and reflect from this and continue to pray for our well-being. I deeply apologise from the bottom of my heart for my insensitivity and unawareness of my actions."

We are urging all of our readers to adhere to the advice from their respective governments and medical bodies, and practice social distancing and self-isolation where required. Together, we will beat this...