Teacher breaks down in tears after students chip in to replace stolen sneakers

Teacher breaks down in tears after students chip in to replace stolen sneakers

A great teacher really can change their students' lives.

For vulnerable students who find it hard to develop their skills in the classroom and keep up with the pace of education, a teacher who is willing to listen and who will go the extra mile for their best interests is someone that can be crucial to those students' futures.

But this week, it was time for the students to shine and repay the favor, as a class of kindly young kids managed to show their appreciation for their teacher in the best way possible: with a heartwarming gesture that has since gone viral on social media.

In the video below, which was originally posted on TikTok before migrating to Twitter, a Nebraskan teacher breaks down in tears after his students rallied together and bought him a brand-new pair of sneakers after his favorite ones had been stolen.

Take a look at the tearjerking footage below: 

All told, the philanthropic kids managed to raise $115 to buy the shoes: a pair of Nike Zoom KD12 basketball shoes.

In the footage, the beloved educator can be seen opening the box presented to him by his smiling charges, before breaking down and weeping with gratitude. The kids then swarm their teacher and pull him into a close hug.

Per The Daily Mail, in a later follow-up post, the pupil who originally posted the footage explained that the teacher taught them in a class for important life skills such as cooking and laundry. When his basketball reffing shoes stolen from his office, the students took action.

A good relationship between a teacher and their students is something to be treasured. Check out the moment this class had a little fun with their teacher:

The student who originally posted the clip went on to say that they wanted to share it too highlight the importance of kindness and show how much they respected their teacher - adding that there needed to be more people like him in the world.