Teachers banned from carrying guns in New York schools

Teachers banned from carrying guns in New York schools

New York state legislators have decided to rule out arming educators.

On August 1st, governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo, signed a bill which prohibits school districts from allowing teachers and educational administrators to carry firearms on school grounds.

Per the New York Times, Cuomo stated, "The answer to the gun violence epidemic plaguing this country has never been and never will be more guns."

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The bill, which was passed back in January, still allows for licensed school security officials and law enforcement officers to carry guns. Cuomo did, however, sign another bill earlier this week which extends the background check period for firearm approval.

While federal law already prevents individuals from carrying guns on school grounds, it does provide an exception for those licensed to handle them.

The move is being hailed as unprecedented, with officials at a number of state educators' organisations stating that they are currently unaware of any other states taking similar measures.

Executive director of the School Administrators Association of New York State told The New York Times that he wasn't aware of anyone "who is doing that now".

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However, certain Republican lawmakers and gun-rights advocates have denounced the bill, asserting that it will not make any tangible difference. President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association told the publication, "The Legislature and the politicians of New York State have done absolutely nothing to protect our kids in the schools."