Teenager kicked out of Trump rally for hilarious facial expressions speaks out about what went down

Teenager kicked out of Trump rally for hilarious facial expressions speaks out about what went down

This week, the internet found a new hero in "Plaid Shirt Guy": a young man who went viral after his bemused facial expressions were caught on camera while he was standing right behind the president at a Trump rally. The incident happened on Thursday, while Trump was speaking to a crowd in Billings, Montana - not all of whom were supporters, as it turns out.

Clips of the rally flooded the internet, with thousands of people hailing Plaid Shirt Guy as the face of all Trump critics on account of how utterly baffled he seemed to be at almost everything that came out of the president's mouth. He was quickly appointed a "cultural icon", a "voice of the people", and - for some people, at least - a potential candidate for the 2020 election.

Now, the true identity of Plaid Shirt Guy has been revealed to be Tyler Linfesty, a 17-year-old high school student who had won VIP tickets to meet Trump and stand right behind the president on TV.

"I was randomly chosen [to stand behind Trump]", he told the Daily Beast. "When people signed up to go to the rally, their names were placed into a draw and I was chosen. Because I won, I got an opportunity to meet the president."

But it was never Linfesty's intentions to steal the show, he said.

"When I heard the policies, I disagreed with most of them," the student explained. "I knew what faces I was making, but those faces were completely genuine. I was not trying to make those faces, those were just faces that came out when I heard what he was saying. Some stuff I agreed with, some stuff I disagreed with. When I disagreed, it was pretty apparent."

He continued:

"When he said something crazy, I thought 'Wow that's crazy,' and when he said something I thought was reasonable I thought, 'well, that's reasonable.'

"I took each issue individually."

Linfesty also explained what happened when he was asked to leave the rally.

According to him, a woman in a black dress approached him and said, quite simply, "I'm going to take your place now".

"I knew that I was getting kicked out for not clapping so I didn't fight it," he said.

"Some Secret Service guys took me backstage and told me to wait. After about 10 minutes they told me to leave and not come back and that was it."

It's no wonder that Linfesty wasn't too bothered by the removal, though, considering that he openly supports the Democrats (and can even be seen wearing a social democrats sticker while standing behind the president).

"I am part of the Democratic Socialists of America," he said, "but I identify as a social democrat, like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez."

So, whether you're a Trump supporter or not, it seems that this latest rally from the president had a little bit of something for everyone. Plus, this incident serves as a reminder that Trump's image is entirely manufactured, and there's always more to his rallies and speeches than meets the eye.

Well done Plaid Shirt Guy - not just for giving us all a laugh at the president's expense, but also for exposing him as being a total fraud.