This is the staggering way that Kim Kardashian is making $1,000,000 per minute

This is the staggering way that Kim Kardashian is making $1,000,000 per minute

How do this lot do it? How do the Kardashian/Jenner sisters manage to constantly make eye-watering amounts of money? Has there ever been a family this famous for - pretty much - doing nothing? Has there ever been a group of sisters who have been so influential on modern culture? They are machines. They are freaks. They are annoying, ridiculous and inspiring in equal measure. They are everything that is wrong with society while also being revolutionaries in their own right. They are the Kardashians and - despite everyone claiming to hate them - we simply cannot get enough of them.

The Kardashians have been at the forefront of celebrity culture for years now, but it feels like they've really ramped it up in the past 24 months or so. The are-they-aren't-they pregnancy rumours were simply genius. Engineered by the half-devil-half-human super-mom that is Kris Jenner, the family garnered the attention of the world press like never before (I should know, I've written 66 articles on Kylie Jenner alone).

And, because of this unbridled fame, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have raked in a serious amount of cash.

Last week, Forbes announced that Kylie Jenner was on her way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in history. The 20-year-old, who gave birth to her daughter Stormi in February, has made her millions (soon to be billions) through her makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics.

But, while Kylie's charge to the billions is no doubt impressive, people seem to have forgotten about the real MVP in the Kardashian family: Kim. Kim is the Kween. Without Kim, this family wouldn't be anywhere near the level of fame they are now. Like Tom Brady or David Beckham in their prime, Kim has taken the celebrity game by the scruff of the neck and ran with it. There she is, in the middle of it all, spraying pass after pass, assisting her sisters and elevating their performances while also racking up the points herself.

And, just in case you were beginning to doubt the pull of Kim, let me inform you that she just made $5 million in five minutes... lol.

To put that into context, in the time it took me to walk over to the microwave, microwave my fajitas and bring them back to my desk, Kim Kardashian has made more money then I will ever make in my life.


Through her Kimoji fragrances.

The trio of fragrances, titled: Vibes, Peachy, and Cherry, launched on 14th July at a KKW Beauty store in Los Angeles, and a few days later (on 17th) they landed on

Each 50ml bottle costs $45 and according to TMZ, the total amount of bottles made was increased to meet the high demand in sales. But, despite the increase in production, it's still looking like the limited-edition scents will sell out sharpish.

While it's hardly surprising to hear that Kim is raking it in off of the back of her perfume range, what is surprising is the fact that she spent no money on marketing whatsoever. The reality star built the hype organically, with her posting the scents on her social media and sending them out to her celebrity pals.

The Kardashians, eh? Can't live with them can't live without them.