Totally unfazed guy sits and smokes at bar as armed robbery takes place

Totally unfazed guy sits and smokes at bar as armed robbery takes place

Security camera footage shows a male customer defiantly lighting a cigarette in the middle of an armed robbery while everyone else around him, including the bartender, responds quite naturally in fear.

The armed robbery in question took place at Behrmann's Tavern, a bar in St. Louis, Missouri in the 3100 block of Meramec Street at about 12:30 am on Tuesday night, the Riverfront Times reports.

Take a look at this gripping footage of the robbery:

Per KSDK, a man in his late 30s to mid-40s, wearing dark trousers and a blue shirt, entered the bar armed with a gun, demanding money.

While everyone else in the bar hid wherever they could when the robber came in brandishing the gun, the unfazed man remained seated while looking at his phone, seemingly unthreatened by the criminal and his weapon.

When the gunman approaches the bold patron and demands that he hand over his phone at gunpoint, the latter, defiant as ever, pulls his phone away, placing it on the bar and then reaching for a pack of cigarettes.

The robber then goes round the other side of the bar while the local bargoer protects his cigarettes and phone by covering them with his hand.

armed robbery Credit: Credit: Facebook / John Kimack

Behind the bar, the robber decides to point his gun at the patron again. Still unmoved by the threat on his life, the man simply lights up his cigarette - a response we can only imagine astonished the brazen criminal.

In fact, so seemingly taken aback was the gunman by his would-be victim's display of defiance that he simply turns his attention to the other customers, whose belongings he forcefully obtains. He then compels the bartender to open the register.

When the robber tries to take the man's phone again, the latter simply waves him off. Ultimately, the gun-wielding thief leaves the bar without any of the bold patron's possessions. He reportedly ended up leaving with only a couple hundred dollars.

The suspect has not yet been identified, according to Riverfront Times.