Two Texas men die trying to jump car over drawbridge

Two Texas men die trying to jump car over drawbridge

Two Texas men lost their life on Friday by attempting to jump over an open drawbridge, local police forces have reported.

Louisiana State Police reported that they responded to a single car crash shortly after two o'clock in the morning at the Black Bayou Bridge. Investigators say the bridge was closed in order to let a boat pass, but this did little to dissuade the drivers in the car.

Drawbridge Credit: Getty

A witness said that the passenger of the car manually opened the gate by pushing the arm up, and then the two men began to drive toward the bridge in an attempt to jump the ramp over it, according to a statement on the official Louisiana State Police Facebook page.

"The driver drove under the gate and picked up the passenger before proceeding towards the ramp located at the end of the bridge. After stopping briefly, the driver placed the vehicle in reverse then accelerated forward in an attempt to 'jump' the ramp of the bridge. The vehicle became airborne, landed in the waterway, and sank to the bottom."

"The driver was unable to exit the vehicle and the passenger was located outside of the submerged vehicle," the Facebook statement went on to say, adding that the two men were pronounced dead at the scene. Although the men were not named at the time, once their next of kin have been informed of their passing, their identities will be made public.

Meanwhile, the crash remains under investigation, and a toxicology sample has already been submitted for analysis.