Video shows black police officer unfazed by bigot's racist rant

Video shows black police officer unfazed by bigot's racist rant

It's a sad fact that black Americans are forced to put up with an unwarranted amount of discrimination and abuse in their day-to-day lives, and talk to any minority in the United States, and you're sure to hear more than a few anecdotes from them about the racist treatment they've endured at the hands of bigots. Even members of the police force are not immune to this kind of harassment.

Indeed, I've never been in a position where someone has attacked me because of the colour of my skin or my ethnic background - however, I can imagine that it must be pretty aggravating for those who have to put up with it. I'm not sure that I wouldn't fly off the handle completely were I a person of colour, and it's damn hard to keep your composure when you're being called every name under the sun with a few slurs thrown in for good measure. That's what makes this next example of stoicism and dignity under pressure so impressive.

The video, which was posted by Twitter user StanceGrounded, shows a man handcuffed on the ground, possibly in a state of intoxication, shouting a torrent of racist abuse at a black female police officer, who is pacing around the man with a colleague and waiting for backup.

StanceGrounded was impressed by the officer's poker face and dignity, and took a video of the incident (which apparently occurred in Brooklyn) and uploaded it to Twitter on Friday, September 14, where it quickly went viral. StanceGrounded captioned the video: "Watch this racist white man repeatedly call this black female police officer the N-word trying to invoke a reaction. She stands unfazed and unbothered. What a QUEEN! ... If the roles were reversed, a person of colour wouldn't live. I salute her patience."

However, not all the commenters were so impressed with StanceGrounded's moniker, with one Twitter-user named Hannah Drake stating: "You really believe she is unfazed and unbothered? You think that didn’t cut into the core of her being? You think she didn’t go home and reflect on that? You think she didn’t question her job and why she puts up with this? The problem is, you believe she is unbothered."

She added: "As a Black woman I can guarantee she isn’t unfazed and unbothered. But she is doing her job as best she knows how because she has worked for her position because she has to put food on the table, because she knows Black women can’t just “go off” without consequences ... If this is what it takes to be labelled a queen then I don’t want it and I dare say she would reject that crown if it’s connected to this incident."

It is currently unknown who the police officer in question is, or the identity of the man committing the hate crime. However, the nameless cop stands as symbol of the continuing oppression faced by black Americans, as well as of an ideal member of the police.