White woman threatens to kill Hispanic neighbours while brandishing yard sign

White woman threatens to kill Hispanic neighbours while brandishing yard sign

Last week, a couple in Indianapolis filmed an incident in which their neighbor both physically assaulted them and threw racist slurs their way. Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman moved into their home a year and a half ago, but have said that their lives have been made a "living nightmare" by next-door neighbor Vicki New.

They have reportedly been subject to numerous racist attacks, but the recent event caught the attention of thousands once it was posted to Facebook. The 67-year-old New was removing their 'no trespassing' signs, breaking them and throwing them at the couple. "Don't touch me, I'll kill you," she tells them in the video.

Speaking to Univision, Roman explained that until that day, it had only been verbal abuse. "She keeps telling us she’s going to kill us and we’re not sure when that night’s going to come," he said, adding that she "threw it [the sign] at my face and then after that she broke the other one and then it hit my wife in the face. It’s been a living nightmare."

The signs had been placed there by the police, who visited both residences the week before the incident to settle the dispute about the driveway. You can see the altercation in the video below:

In addition to this, other people of color in the neighborhood have complained about her. Corey Banks has previously posted online after she repeatedly called him the n-word. Roman continued:

"We've never done anything to this lady. Before we bought and saw the home, she started trying to attack us because we're Hispanics.

"When we came out of the car she starts to say go back to Mexico, insults that are so bad that I can't even say them in front of my daughter, who is barely four years old."

Another angle of the dispute can be seen below:

Both videos have amassed a collective total of 139,000 views since it was uploaded last week. It has since been confirmed by RTV6 that New has now been arrested on the preliminary charges of criminal trespassing and battery resulting in bodily injury.

"I felt like at first, police weren't taking this seriously. I know for sure that the case was closed," Roman explained. "Hopefully, it may teach her a lesson, you know, not to do what she does."

Hopefully, even for a woman like this, an arrest will cause her to re-think her actions.