Woman leaves $5000 tip with her boyfriend's credit card after they have a fight

Woman leaves $5000 tip with her boyfriend's credit card after they have a fight

Usually, it's customary to pay about 15% for the tip at the end of a meal - and maybe slightly more if you think the service warrants it - or simply because you want to offer a kind gesture to an often low-paid server.

Imagine, though, giving someone a staggering 9030% tip, and not out of generosity or charity - but purely out of revenge.

Well, it is being reported that 24-year-old Serina Wolfe from Buffalo, New York, decided to leave a $5000 tip for a bill that came to only $55.37:

According to ABC News, the reason for the extravagant tip left on June 27 had little to do with the actual service Wolfe had received at the Clear Sky Beachside Cafe in a tourist district of Clearwater, Florida. It did, however, have everything to do with her wanting to get back at her boyfriend Michael Crane.

woman charged with grand theft Credit: Pinellas County Jail

According to an arrest affidavit, Wolfe wanted to punish him for refusing to pay for her return flight to New York.

The document also claims that Crane had placed a hold on the credit card following their argument, but had removed it before Wolfe used it to for the $5,000 payment.

When he became aware of the hefty transaction, Crane reported it to his credit card company as fraudulent activity, and said he thought Wolfe "was drunk or trying to get back at him."

bill Credit: Pinellas County Jail

The affidavit states that by the time Crane had reported the fraudulent charge to the credit card company, the tip had already been paid to Ryan, the server.

According to ABC affiliate WFTS, it had meant a lot to Ryan as he had recently put his dog down.

CBS News reports that police are saying it is up to the server and the restaurant to decide whether or not the tip should be given back.

Wolfe has reportedly been charged with grand theft and was held on a $1,000 bond at Pinellas County Jail.