Woman who urged boyfriend to kill himself to be released early from prison

Woman who urged boyfriend to kill himself to be released early from prison

A woman who urged her boyfriend to commit suicide is set to be released early from prison due to good behaviour. This comes after the parole board denied a bid to reduce her sentence.

22-year-old Michelle Carter has had her release date moved up to the 13th March from the 5th May. Per authorities, this is a result of good behaviour, with Carter being described as a "model inmate" by officials at Bristol County House Correction in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Parole Board, however, rejected Carter's bid for early release after serving less than half of her 15-month sentence.

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As reported by CNN, in a statement, Bristol County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Jonathan Darling, spoke about how inmates in Massachusetts can earn up to 10 days a month for working at the jail and attending educational programmes.

The Massachusetts parole board - following their decision to deny the inmate early release - asserted that Carter "needs to further address" the factors which led to her encouraging her then-boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself.

The board's decision stated: "The [Board] is troubled that Ms. Carter not only encouraged Mr. Conrad (Roy III) to take his own life, she actively prevented others from intervening in his suicide."

"Ms. Carter’s self-serving statements and behavior, leading up to and after his suicide, appear to be irrational and lacked sincerity."

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One board member allegedly wrote, "Given subject’s behavior in facilitating victim’s death, release not compatible [with] best interest of society [...] Did not provide sufficient insight into reason for lack of empathy at time of crime and surrounding time period [sic]."

Carter encouraged 18-year-old Roy to commit suicide on July 13th, 2014. She was 17-years-old at the time, and had recently been discharged from a psychiatric facility. Following Roy's death, investigators found that he had texted Carter while considering taking his own life, and she proceeded to encourage him to do so.

Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2017, and was sentenced by a juvenile court judge to serve a 15-month prison sentence, which she began serving on February 11th, 2019.

In July of this year, Carter appealed her conviction to the US Supreme Court, on the grounds that her rights to the freedom of speech had been violated.