106-year-old man celebrates birthday by becoming oldest man to ride a zip wire

106-year-old man celebrates birthday by becoming oldest man to ride a zip wire

When most folks reach the age where they should have retired, the pace of their life begins to slow down somewhat. It's inevitable, but the vast majority of people exercise less and less as they get older, and avoid unnecessary excitement and big risks.  The vast majority of seniors are happy to play things safe and put their feet up. They certainly wouldn't want to become some kind of daredevil in their twilight years.

However, that's exactly what 106-year-old badass grampa Jack Reynolds has become: a bona-fide senior stuntman who is afraid of nothing, has already picked up three Guiness World Records, and who celebrated his last birthday by flying down a 60-metre high, 400-metre-long zip wire for charity. Wow: how's that for ageing gracefully?

This is just the latest in a long line of annual feats of bravery for Jack. For his 105th birthday, Jack became the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster, two years before that he became the oldest person to ever get a tattoo, and two years before that he became the oldest person ever to participate in the ice bucket challenge to raise money for money for research into motor neurone disease.

On his Justgiving page, where he aimed to raise money for the Stroke Association, Jack wrote: "Hi, my name is Jack Reynolds and on 6/4/18 I will turn 106 years old. It has become somewhat of a tradition that on my birthday I use my new age to help raise money for worthy charities. This year my challenge will be to ride a 100ft high zip wire. Please follow my journey and help me achieve my target for this great cause, every penny helps so please donate anything you can no matter how small the amount.

However, as amazing as all this is, Jack isn't the old grandfather who has a love for feats of derring-do. Earlier this year, 76-year-old former taxi driver Ray Woodcock announced his intention to set himself on fire and bungee 500 ft into a body of water. This came just after he already won a world record for the highest bungee jump into water ever attempted.

Commenting on his own feats as a senior citizen, Woodcock stated: "I love a challenge and just because I’m older, it doesn’t mean I should be held back. I never thought I would be a world record holder in my 70s, but every challenge makes me just want to go a step further. I’m always looking for something more extreme and I read about this online and just thought – yep, that’s the one."

Pretty amazing right? If there's one thing these old-timers have taught us, it's that just because your getting older, doesn't mean that life has to get boring. Personally, I don't think I'll be attempting any of these stunts myself, not even if I live to be 206-years- old.