15 pictures that will make you seriously question reality

15 pictures that will make you seriously question reality

Have you ever seen something in life that made you do a double-take? Something that looked so weird and unusual that it made you question exactly what you were supposed to be looking at? Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us and make it look like the impossible has happened, and all it takes is an accidental optical illusion to make you see stuff in a new light.

Online, this phenomena is known as a 'glitch in the matrix'  - when chance and circumstances conspire to make reality look like some kind of broken computer program. These 'glitches' can be spotted anyway, sometimes in the most unlikely of places, and after perusing a few, you'll begin to wonder to yourself: am I truly awake right now? Or is this a dream? Scroll down to check out some of the best examples we could find.

1. These dudes asleep on the train 

2. Multiple rainbows 

3. Duplicate NPCs

4. This cat has merged with a wall 

5. This police car has sunk through the ground

6. The same cat twice

7. Glitching candle 

8. Doppelgängers 

9. I'm seeing double 

10. Badly rendered trees 

11. So synchronised

12. Mesmerising 

13. Just plain weird 

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