Amazon is selling an ice cube vest to keep you cool during the heatwave

Amazon is selling an ice cube vest to keep you cool during the heatwave

This summer is looking to be another scorcher, which is fine if you're on vacation. But if you're working, then the blazing hot sun can quickly become the bane of your life. Sure, most of us are lovely and cool in our air-conditioned officers, but for those of us working outdoors, or who are just on the move, then the harsh heat can turn you into a sticky, sweaty, miserable mess.

But luckily, a team of geniuses have come up with the perfect, and stylish, solution: a form-fitting body-warmer that actually does the exact opposite. This vest keeps you cool! How? Because it's filled with ice cubes, that's how!

Take a look at this explanatory video of how the FlexiFreeze vest works:

The FlexiFreeze ice vest (currently retailing on Amazon for around $100) works just like an ice pack that you can wear, and what's more, it looks just as cool as it keeps you. All you have to do is freeze some trays of ice overnight, and then slip that frozen water into pockets inside the vest. The vest is designed to hold up 96 ice cubes to bring down your core body temperature, so you'll feel the benefit immediately! 

The product's description on Amazon's official store states: "Constructed from neoprene and rip-stop materials, it weighs in at 3.5 lbs. Vest and panels are machine-washable with ice sheets removed. A great solution for people living with heat-sensitive medical conditions, people working in heat stress related occupations or anyone looking to stay cool during outdoor activities like mowing the lawn or gardening."

Check out these awesome pics of the vest below: 1. 

So if you'd like to bag yourself one of these awesome accessories, then why not shoot over to Amazon and grab one while you can. I have a feeling they'll be in high demand real soon...