Artist creates fleshy suits to show there is no ‘ideal body type’

Artist creates fleshy suits to show there is no ‘ideal body type’

The body positivity movement is encouraging people to dismiss traditional media portrayals of beauty in favour of something more realistic. It's helping us all eschew the influence of unrealistic images of perfectly toned models. For many years, our society has been spoon-fed nothing but ubiquitous images of an unobtainable beauty standard.

But now models and creators alike are striking back and giving us all the benefit of a more balanced perspective. One such person is London-based artist Daisy May Collingridge. Collingridge, a Central St Martins alum has created a unique new art installation based on that very theme.

Her installation consists of three fleshy bodysuits named Burt, Hilary, Clive, and Dave, all of which are hand-stitched from hand-dyed jersey and cotton, using wadding, beanbag beans, and even sand to provide weight and texture.

Commenting on her creations in a recent interview with The Metro, Daisy May stated: "They neither promote or demote one body type. The idea that there even is an 'ideal body' is ridiculous. They are creations that are reflective of the human form but with fantasy elements and I really designed them to bring a bit of joy into the world."

She continued: "They, just like people, have their own individual characters and, just like people, some people will be repelled by them whilst others will adore them ... They are all wearable; the underlying garments; trousers, tops, gloves, jackets, are machine sewn."

"The biggest compliment I get is: 'I have never seen anything like this.' Originality is what all artists strive for, which is increasingly difficult in a world so saturated with images."

Take a look at this interview with a woman who spent over $25,000 on body modification procedures:

She added: "Reactions can be polar opposites: some people are repelled, others find them humorous or sweet. But, Hillary, Clive, and Dave all have their own individual character. I love them."