Baboons on the loose in Sydney after escaping medical research facility

Baboons on the loose in Sydney after escaping medical research facility

As reported by Australia's 9News, New South Wales Police have confirmed that a group of baboons has been spotted on the loose outside a hospital in Sydney after escaping a nearby medical research facility.

Authorities told that officers were called to the scene outside Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after being contacted at about 5:30 pm (6:30 am GMT). Footage of the three baboons running through the premises was captured by an eye-witness.

Check out this news report on the incident below:

Police later confirmed that three baboons had escaped the research facility, but also reassured the public that the situation is under control.

Writing on their official Twitter page, the NSW Police Force joked: "This is not a Mandrill! Earlier this afternoon, a troop of baboons escaped from a facility and were going bananas in Camperdown. Police and wildlife handlers now have the situation under control, so please let them do their job and don't be tempted to pry, mates."

Speaking to the radio station 2GB, one caller confirmed that he had seen three baboons running through the carpark from the sixth floor of the hospital. Recalling the events to host Ben Fordham, the man said:

"They even had shiny red bottoms. I had a coffee about an hour ago, and I thought, what have I put in this coffee?"

Another caller said that her daughter works as an occupational therapist at the hospital and had seen one of the primates running past her as she left the facility at the end of her shift.

Speaking to the radio station, the woman said: "She texted me: 'Mom, they were psychotic".

The Sydney Local Health District has since provided a statement on the situation, confirming that police and Taronga Zoo experts have resolved the situation and that "There is no threat to the safety of staff, patients or visitors".