Bandai America is bringing back the Tamagotchi

Bandai America is bringing back the Tamagotchi

Remember your old Tamagotchi? When they were first introduced in 1997 (1996 in Japan), those little things seemed like the best thing in the world, and a certain generation of us still hold them close to our hearts.

As of 2010, Bandai sold over 76 million Tamagotchis across the world, and that number rose to 82 million by 2017. Part of this has come from them updating the formula over time, with the introduction of a free app back in 2013, and a re-release of the classic Tamagotchi in new colour styles last September.

This revamp, however, is going to see even more extras. This time there will be a colour digital screen, and you'll also be able to link up with other players via the Tamagotchi On app. Players will be able to go on playdates with other users, travel, get married, and have an unlimited number of pets by adding a new pet to the lineage.

Check out the trailer for the new Tamagotchi On:

Tamagotchi's name comes from combining the two Japanese words for 'egg' and 'watch', and sees you raising your 'tama' from birth to adulthood, playing games, earning 'Gothi Points' and making sure they stay healthy.

The little creature grows older, and can develop differently depending on the amount of care the player provides them - with better care leading to a creature that is smarter and happier, that can be left alone for longer.

The pet can also get sick, as many of us found out the hard way, seeing that dreaded skull icon next to it - but that's easily avoidable if you make sure to keep it healthy.

The new Tamagotchi On will be released in a variety of colours, including 'Fairy Pink,' 'Fairy Blue,' 'Magic Purple' and 'Magic Green.' It will be available in the US at Urban Outfitters, Target, and Amazon from July 28.