Big toe shoes are the latest footwear trend

Big toe shoes are the latest footwear trend

There are plenty of bizarre footwear trends out there, including but certainly not limited to fish flops, octopus shoes and, hell, even Crocs are almost universally agreed to be some of the ugliest shoes on the planet and yet have always been inexplicably popular.

But now, a new pair of 'ugly shoes' have arrived on the fashion scene. Have you ever heard of 'big toe' shoes? They're sort of like an overboard spin on peep-toe shoes, only this time, just one of your toes - the big toe - peeps out.

big toe shoes Credit: Getty

The phrase 'big toe shoes' was coined by Refinery29, and the footwear just keeps popping up in fashion publications and runways. In fact, the big toe shoes made an appearance in the Y/Project Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in the form of brown and black leather pumps. They also made an appearance at the brand's 2018 Paris Fashion Week show.

The origins of the unusual footwear can be traced back to the closed-toe Margiela Tabi boot, which first came out in the late '80s. The boots were inspired by Japanese tabi socks, which were typically worn with sandals and sort of resembled the hoof of a deer.

In other shoe-related news, Shaquille  O'Neill bought a teenage boy with big feet 10 pairs of shoes when he learned that the boy's mom couldn't afford to buy her son sneakers:

A number of people have since taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the big toe trend:

"Wow! Those are super ugly and I’m a total shoe lover, but not those!"

"U.G.L.Y. is an understatement," another user wrote alongside a sick emoji and the hashtag, "Big toe shoes are ugly".

"None of those feet look happy," a third added.

"I think this is just obscene," user @654321Lady wrote. "'Big-toe' shoes are now a thing."

If you're into quirky footwear and have enough cash to spare, the shoes, courtesy of Y/Project, are retailing for a staggering $1,000.