Bizarre 'virgin killer jumper' meant to 'drive people mad with desire' goes viral in Japan

Bizarre 'virgin killer jumper' meant to 'drive people mad with desire' goes viral in Japan

I'm sure most of us can attest to wanting the latest fashion trend or even feeling sexier in certain outfits - but this new popular item of clothing in Japan really takes things to the next level.

Per The Sun, a bizarre jumper-dress in Japan has soared in popularity, due to the fact it supposedly makes the wearer mad with desire to have sex.

Dubbed the "virgin killer", the original incarnation of the dress went viral three years ago for its incredibly eye-popping design. Worn by anime characters and social media influencers alike, the original dress was a grey knit wool backless turtleneck, explicitly designed to show off some sideboob.

The eye-catching jumper was created by a company called Village Vanguard, and was labeled the doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much that he would die... and being honest, they're probably not far off.

Here are some Instagram users modeling the original incarnation:

And after becoming such a popular success, a designer by the name of Amami (@Amami_omt on Twitter) has created the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater - which is similar to the original, just with MUCH less material.

A store that will be stocking the dress - @arigato_thx on Twitter - revealed that they will be stocking the garment in spring.

Being sold for a modest $35 USD, the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater features cut out panels at the front of the dress, as well as hanging very low at the back.

The Sun reports that the original virgin-killing sweater sold out in just one day when it was released back in March of 2017.

If you're brave enough to don the revealing dress, you can buy your very own HERE.