Black teen tells Dr. Phil she's a 'proud white person' who believes she is 'better than' black people

Black teen tells Dr. Phil she's a 'proud white person' who believes she is 'better than' black people

Dr. Phil's show is a programme where you could genuinely have ANY kind of guest. Seriously, over the years he's spoken to all kinds of weird and wonderful people... and some who aren't so wonderful. Where else but on Dr. Phil could you ever hope to meet someone like Danielle Bregoli aka the 'Catch Me Outside' Girl? Back in 2016, Bregoli shocked viewers at home with her bad behavior and outrageous statements - even challenging the audience to a fight at one point.

But now, sadly, it appears as though Dr. Phil has met someone even more outrageous: a black teenager who thinks that she's white, and who appears to hold a number of racist and self-loathing views. Treasure, a 16-year-old, believes that she is actually white, and furthermore is something of a white supremacist who believes that her 'whiteness' makes her inherently superior to other African-Americans.

To see Treasure explain why she believes she is white, check out the video below:

She's even prejudiced towards her own mother and appears to have first manifested bigotry towards other black people after the death of her white stepfather. Treasure's mother, Monique, explained that, as a child, Treasure refused to play with other black children, and that her racism may have been exacerbated by an adolescent association with the KKK.

"I know a lot of people take issues with my beliefs. I'm white. I'm a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African American - I have naturally straight hair. My hair is not nappy; it doesn't require a weave. My nose is not giant, like African Americans, my lips are perfect, they're not too big and they're not too small they're just perfect. Most African-Americans speak ghetto. When it comes to black people, I think they're all ugly and I have nothing in common with them."

She added: "I'm different from African Americans because I'm white. My figure's just like Kim Kardashian's, and she's a wonderful role model. I act and I think like a white person instead of a black person. I believe that I'm completely and utterly better than [black people], we're on two different levels. There's nothing wrong with my views or beliefs because I have freedom of speech and everything I'm saying is true. It makes me feel good to put down African Americans because it helps them stay in their place. I identify with the Ku Klux Klan because the way they believe is just so smart. White is right."

This is how Treasure reacted when the Dr. Phil team took her to an African American part of Los Angeles:

Some viewers believe that Monique is merely playing up for the cameras, and attempting to gain the same infamy as Danielle Bregoli, but her mother still insists that she's telling the truth. Dr. Phil's life coach, who was on set at the time of the interview, stated that she thought that Monique's beliefs were an expression of her internalized racism and that her low self-esteem is to blame for her racist ideology. Hopefully, she'll come to her senses soon...