Costco is selling apple spring rolls that are basically mini apple pies for on-the-go

Costco is selling apple spring rolls that are basically mini apple pies for on-the-go

Fans of anything sugary and sweet will be pleased to know that Costco is selling apple pie spring rolls - but not just any old spring rolls - spring rolls with an indulgent-sounding cinnamon-sugar apple mix filling. Oh, and they also come with a caramel dipping sauce. They're basically practical mini apple pies that you can enjoy while you're out and about.

Costco Buys, ⁣an Instagram account on a mission "to show the world how amazing [Costco] is" posted a snap of the apple pie rolls, with the caption: "Oh wow! I just spotted these absolutely amazing looking Summ! Apple Pie Rolls at my Costco! These are made like spring rolls and come with a yummy caramel sauce. I think these are just the perfect fall treat!"

One pack comes with 16 spring rolls and two packets of caramel sauce for a total of $10. The rolls are baked in "light and crispy wrappers," and take only 16 minutes to prepare.

Unsurprisingly, considering how undeniably scrumptious they look, a number of people are now expressing a desire to get their hands on a pack or two.

"I must go buy these immediately!!!" an Instagram user with the handle muzikchikrr wrote.

"They definitely need to give me more than 2 Carmel packets!" jodi_nies added.

"I have to stop by and get some for my mom," wrote another user alongside two heart-eyes emojis.

A fourth user was so impressed by the offer that they decided the Costco should just "shut up and take my money."

While the comments were generally positive and mostly made up of consumers desperate to try the spring rolls, one user who had already tried them, gave this honest review of the product: "The flavor is good but vey tough! Can’t even cut them with a knife! I tried a couple different cooking ops and still tough!"

Will you be getting your hands on a pack?