Dad becomes the 'talk of the school' after dropping off daughter in her underwear

Dad becomes the 'talk of the school' after dropping off daughter in her underwear

A father's gaffe has gone viral on social media this week, after he dropped off daughter his daughter off at school in her underwear.

According to a report by NBC News, the mishap occurred when a dad named Brad Friedlander took his 3-year-old daughter, Brooklyn to her music class.

Since his spouse Aliza was busy that morning, it was Brad's job to help Brooklyn get dressed. But the doting father wasn't too sure about how to dress his daughter, so he left her to select an outfit without interfering.

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Brookly dressed in what she claimed was a pair of "short-shorts" and her father saw no reason to doubt her word. He dropped her off at her music class, assuming that he had done the right thing.

However, later that day, it turned out that Brooklyn’s "short shorts" were actually a pair of potty training underwear. Aliza was told about the embarrassing mishap and confronted Brad about his mistake in a text conversation that she later shared in its entirety to Instagram.

She captioned the post: "I’ve been a stay at home for more than five years. In May, I started working part-time and this morning I had an event that started before school drop off. My husband stayed home and helped get the kids out for school. Apparently, my daughter decided to wear underwear (not just any underwear but thick diaper like training underwear used for potty training.

She continued: "Based on her smile and the fact she locked her door while getting dressed, I’m pretty sure she knew they weren’t shorts!! ... At least my husband remembered to brush the girls teeth and clean their newly pierced ears... so there’s that!"

I don't think Brad will be winning 'Father of the Year' anytime soon. Ah well; he tried his best!