Dana Perino's 'grotesque' Super Bowl queso snack is being mocked on Twitter

Dana Perino's 'grotesque' Super Bowl queso snack is being mocked on Twitter

A news anchor on the Fox News channel has accidentally created a new meme after Twitter mocked her snack for last weekend's Super Bowl.

Anchor Dana Perino probably did not expect to make her mark on the landmark annual sporting event, but make her mark she did as she tweeted a picture of her Super Bowl snack. While most households indulge in chicken wings, nachos and food of that ilk, Perino instead melted cheese in a pan, and posted that.

"I made queso," she entitled the post, but was not prepared for her cheese dish to become an internet meme as quickly as it did. But before too long, as the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the jokes started to flood in.

With the likes of Patton Oswalt and Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus both offering their own versions of Perino's queso, the I made queso meme quickly devolved into a hotbed of Twitter joke chaos, with more than 7,000 replies to the original post, most of them jokes of their own.

Comparing the queso to memes and hilarious events of the past few years, such as the Fyre Festival debacle or Gritty, the polarising new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team, jokes poured in for the infamous queso of Super Bowl LIII.

But despite the barrage of jokes on Twitter, it got worse for the Fox News anchor: soon, her own coworkers caught wind of the viral video, and Greg Gutfeld had to take time out of his day to savage the queso, posting a column on the Fox News website.

"'I made queso.' Yes, you did. You made queso look like a melted golden retriever. I think we can agree, this is not something you would put inside you. No -- it's something that would fly out of you, after drinking the water at a Tijuana hostel.

I don't think I've ever seen anything more inedible in my life. And I include prison food. Seriously, no one on death row would touch this. They'd take the chair instead. The picture went viral. Of course, it would. It looks infectious."

Continuing on his humorous rant, Gutfeld argued that the nature of Perino's queso meant that another public widely mocked during the Super Bowl - Maroon 5's Adam Levine - owed Perino for taking the heat off of him.

"But you know who's really grateful for Dana's queso? Yep -- Maroon 5's Adam Levine-- who is usually the cheesiest thing on earth! Not last night. Dana looked at that tattooed, cringe-crooning cheese stick of a dork, and said, 'hold my spatula.' Adam should buy her dinner for taking the spotlight off his awful performance. Just don't let her cook."

Dana Perino, to her credit, appeared to take the ribbing in good-natured fashion. The former Press Secretary to George W Bush posted a response indicating that she was finding the jokes more entertaining than the Patriots' march to yet another Super Bowl.

"The thing is I have made better queso. I got the recipe off the internet," she added.