Guy barbecues hot dogs right outside of an animal rights protest

Guy barbecues hot dogs right outside of an animal rights protest

In Canada, animal rights activists protest Fearman's Slaughterhouse by holding vigils in the street. They briefly stop transport trucks carrying pigs to their deaths, and give each animal water and comfort through the slats. Sometimes this leads to confrontations with angry truck drivers, who don't know what's in the liquid and worry it will contaminate the livestock. And sometimes this leads to confrontations with irritated drivers, who blast their horn, stuck in traffic behind the truck for two minutes.

One man came up with a novel way to troll the protestors: barbecue hot dogs on a grill across the street. We've seen vegans and meat-lovers clash before: On Twitter, Chrissy Teigen fired back at vegetarians after getting 'meat-shamed' for a post about bacon. And in England, a butcher put up an amusing sign poking fun at the vegan lifestyle. But this specific scenario is new.

The stunt was filmed and uploaded on the YouTube channel Pathetic Millennial. The seven minute video begins with a clip swiped from the protestors. "We're at a pig vigil right now outside of a slaughterhouse that slaughters 10,000 pigs per day," says the off-screen activist. "We're bearing witness to the pigs going in, stopping the trucks, giving them water, giving them love, and then these people show up." She reveals the barbecue across the street. "They think it's f***ing hilarious to come and set up a barbecue right in front of us."

Well, it is kind of funny, isn't it? That activist doesn't do much to break the stereotype of the smug, humorless vegan. Anyway, at around the 2:30 mark, the troll chef and his female companion set up the grill and start cooking dogs. Unfortunately, they didn't bring bacon, to grill some delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs, but hey, there's always next time.

The barbecue organizer gleefully gives hot dogs away to passing motorists, while the activists do their best to ignore him. At one point, he crosses the street, to generously offer his wiener to a female protestor. She looks at him with irritation, and snaps, "Go cross the road right now or I'll call the police." At another point, an activist stops by the grill to express her disgust, calling the hot dogs "gross." I guess they're more fans of carrot dogs.

I thought there would be more explosive confrontations, since the video has over a million views. But maybe that's a good thing, considering how many videos feature Trump supporters and Trump protestors getting into fights. Or maybe in Canada, they're just too darn polite to fight. After every punch, they have to stop and say, "Sorey." It really messes up the rhythm.

The guy grilling hot dogs in front of the pig vigil should hang out with that guy who ate a raw, bloody steak outside the vegan festival. I feel like they'd get along great. With each other, anyway.