Guy claims his wife left him after finding his 'pee bottles' in the attic

Guy claims his wife left him after finding his 'pee bottles' in the attic

From your own experiences and what has been confided to you by friends and family, you've probably come across a variety of reasons that couples decided to call it quits. It's never a good time for anyone, even if it is amicable, but sometimes people just aren't right for each other.

A lot of these stories come down to similar root problems, but the tale that this Redditor told is like no other. Buckle in folks, because this story is completely and utterly off the chain.

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An old story that was once posted to the Relationship Advice subreddit has recently resurfaced and gone viral. The user, 37, quickly found himself facing divorce after his wife, 33, found his "pee bottles" and "cum shirts" (yep, you read that right) in the attic. However, he claimed that he had a "good explanation" for why.

First he describes how he works from home in an office with its own attic, which his wife rarely visits. However, a medical condition means he has to pee a lot, and began using bottles to save time when he had huge workloads.

"I have very minor Prostatitis that she doesn't even know about with the only real symptom being that I have drink A TON of water and thus pee A TON. I often work 12+ hours a day since my clients are all over the world and meetings routinely last 3-4 hours with no breaks."

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So, he started using the bottles he drinks from to pee in, and - rather than tell his (supposedly "uppity") wife about the condition - chose to throw the bottles into the attic to "not arouse any suspicion", before he would take them all to the dump on the weekend when she was out. But it gets weirder:

"I ended up slacking on taking them out where it got to the point that it's been years since I've removed them and I just started using the bottles to pee in even when not in meetings. If I was at work, I peed in bottles. There are now 100's, hell probably thousands up there."

And weirder...

"On top of this, I would occasionally (maybe like once every few months) masturbate and use an extra dress shirt from my closet to clean up. Again, using same logic, I just threw them up in the attic with the intentions of removing them. Probably about 40 up there right now."

Forty!? Even if you were to think this was a good idea, why use shirts and not, y'know, anything else? And who has forty shirts anyway?

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Then we get to the point of no return - when the wife finds out about his strange habit.

"Apparently one of my wife's friend bought a new house but can't move in until May and has to be out of her house by next week and need a place to store a number of boxes that didn't fit in her storage unit. My wife offered that we could store them in my attic without mentioning.

"So Friday, my wife and a few of her friends go to start putting boxes up there and are met with the piss bottles and cum shirts."

"The only thing she has said to me via text is that she is filing for divorce," he concluded, before asking, "What do I do?" - and Reddit had some answers:

Once it got to Twitter, you can understand how crazy everyone went over the ridiculous story.

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships - and sometimes you have to just come clean and say you were wrong. When it comes to "pee bottles and cum shirts"... you might just need to re-think your life choices entirely.