Guy draws wieners on potholes to get city to finally fix them

Guy draws wieners on potholes to get city to finally fix them

Potholes are some of the worst things left behind by what we can all agree is already a depressing season. And long after winter has passed, it can sometimes appear that very little is done by the council to fix the damage.

Not only are potholes unappealing in an aesthetic sense, but they are an absolute pain for drivers - in some cases, causing permanent damage to their vehicles and even posing a risk to safety.

pothole Credit: Getty

But aside from writing a strongly-worded letter to the council, there isn't a great deal that we, as individuals, can do about it.

Or maybe there is.

It turns out that one guy has single-handedly forced the council into addressing the pothole problem in his area.

The individual, based in Middlesbrough, England, has taken it upon himself to unleash his own, erm, artistic abilities directly around the potholes.

pothole weiner Credit: Facebook / Teesside Connected

Basically, he spray painted a load of wieners around potholes in his area, provoking the council into finally taking action. Clever. Very clever.

The phallic drawings first caught people's attention when Teesside Connected shared the photos to their Facebook page on April 24.

"It looks like some residents of Acklam have had enough of reporting these potholes to the Council," the caption read.

And surprise surprise, the council covered up the potholes literally the next day.

Of course, Teesside Connected made sure to share a photo of the road with the potholes and weiners entirely covered up- a real testament to the "power of the willy".

Plenty of Facebook users commended the provocative artwork in the comments.

"But this is genius tho [sic]," Facebook user Kelly Johnson wrote. "By doing this the council literally have to cover them up."

"What an excellent idea to get potholes sorted quickly," Andrew Hayes agreed.

Others felt that their own areas could do with a few spray-painted weiners, considering how effective it turned out to be.

"Anyone fancy painting around the massive pothole on the entrance to acklam shops - I’m sure I lost my suspension after going down there last week !!!!" Jacqueline Daley commented.

A spokesman for Middlesbrough Council had this to say in a statement regarding the potholes:

"Middlesbrough, like all local authority areas in the country, has issues with potholes and repairs are carried out on a priority basis determined by the risk they pose to highway users. Currently, however, we are carrying out pre-planned works in the Acklam area and staff were able to visit the nearby site on Fane Grove when the matter was reported to us and have patched over the hole."