Hay fever sufferer swears by 99p gel eye masks to relieve itchiness

Hay fever sufferer swears by 99p gel eye masks to relieve itchiness

While I think most of us can agree that summer is the best of all the seasons - it does have certain drawbacks.

And for those who suffer from hay fever, the relentless sneezing and excruciatingly itchy eyes are a pretty significant downside.

If you have firsthand experience of the latter symptom, then you might want to get your hands on a particular gel eye mask from Savers.

For just 99p, you could potentially ease one of the most uncomfortable aspects of the pollen allergy.

gel eye mask Credit: Facebook

The handy tip recently came to our attention when a fellow hay fever sufferer posted a photo of the gel eye mask to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group on Facebook, writing: "Tip for hay fever sufferers, these gel eye masks are awesome for putting on your eyes for relief, 99p in savers."

According to the manufacturer, the product 'relieves stress' and 'reduces puffiness' and is 'non-toxic and hypo-allergenic'.

Shortly after the tip was posted online, a number of users shared their gratitude, with many dubbing the item a 'godsend' for hay fever sufferers.

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"Glad I've seen this my son's 8 and he suffers really bad with his hay fever," one person wrote. "There was one morning where he couldn't open his eyes at all."

"I have these they are a godsend honestly," added another.

"We should start packing these in our bags for work," wrote a third. "Have a little pamper in the back office."

With pollen levels set to rise throughout the summer, getting your hands on one of these gel eye masks could potentially make a difference. And in the unfortunate event that it doesn't, well, with a price tag of 99p, it'll hardly set you back much!