Little girl's headless Halloween costume goes viral because it's so damn good

Little girl's headless Halloween costume goes viral because it's so damn good

Today is October 31, which means that it's finally Halloween again! This is the season for watching scary movies, going out trick-or-treaters, and best of all, going to costume parties.

Yup, if you're a fan of dressing up like a superhero, monster, or even a celebrity, then Halloween is the best time of the year to do it. But if you're like me, then Halloween can also be a fairly stressful experience. Seriously, deciding what to wear on this day of all days can be pretty stressful, and nobody wants to bottle it at the last minute and resort to wearing a simple white blanket with holes cut out for eyes.

People often take to social media to try to find inspiration over the Halloween season, and online you can find all kinds of arts and crafts experts who can cobble together almost anything as long as they can sew, glue and find some fairy lights. However, the best Halloween costume of 2018 has come from a very unexpected source. It's not a costume designer, or a special effects wizard, or even a celebrity who's strutting their stuff.

Nope, this year the world's best Halloween costume comes courtesy of a little girl, whose costume was so ingeniously designed that it's ended up going viral overnight. Pretty impressive huh? The little girl's name is Maya, and she apparently hails from the Philippines. Her mother Krystel Hwang took to Instagram earlier this week to share an adorable (and creepy) video of her costume, which has been cleverly made to make it look like Maya has been decapitated, and the uncanny footage now boasts over 50,000 views and a further 680 comments.

Indeed, many people had to do a double-take when they saw her gruesome outfit, but it appears that Krystel has cleverly designed it so that Maya's head comes out at a lower part of her dress. Her mother then made her a fake pair of shoulders and two prosthetic arms to hold a plate underneath her head, which made her look as if she'd been guillotined. Simple: yet very effective.

Even more clever is the fact that Maya's fake severed neck also doubles as a bowl that people can put candy into.

On Instagram, a number of social media users praised Maya's fantastic get-up. One person wrote: "Hands down best costumes I’ve seen in years!!" while another person commented: "Oh.... my.... gaaaawd this is AMAZING! Absolutely inspiring. Makes me want to have kids just so I can do this. [sic]"

So there you have it guys - if you're totally stumped for costume ideas this Halloween then why not do the same as Maya and totally freak people out? You'll certainly have some creepy pictures to share this November. Don't tell anyone where you got the idea from though - people might not take kindly to you plagiarising a little girl.