Man creates smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree

Man creates smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree

A man has dazzled social media users by constructing a smoke-breathing Christmas tree that looks just like Godzilla.

Steven Newland, a 36-year-old pilot who hails from Rotorua, New Zealand, decided to amaze his nephew last year with a bespoke Christmas tree of his own creature: 'Treezilla.'  Built out of 10 meters of chicken wire, weed mat, plastic teeth, paper claws, Christmas lights, and four different fir trees, this monster is equipped with a fog machine to enhance the overall effect further.

Take a look at this awesome video of the tree in action below: 

Now Steve has auctioned off his incredible creation, and the pictures and video of the awesome tree have gone viral. taking to the market website trademe, Steven sold the tree for $415 NZ (USD $273/£204) after getting 34 bids.

The item's description states: "The fog machine works with a remote-control and comes with spare fog machine fluid. Lights can easily be removed, and the Christmas hat is not needed if you want to use the tree for something else. [sic]"

It adds: "Comes with a box of spare of branches and dinosaur stockings ... This tree is a bit awkward to move around so would recommend a few people to help move it, I would recommend a van or enclosed trailer to transport it if driving out of town."

Check out the trailer for Godzilla King Of Monsters below:

Speaking to BoredPanda about his invention in a recent interview, Steve stated: "This year's tree is still under wraps (excuse the pun). I can tell you that it involves 5 meters of chain, a beer crate, and I had to buy a ceiling fan."

He continued: "My favorite project was the PacMan tree. Mainly because of the logistics of building it and working through the maze of all the lights. I can't remember how many, but it was in the hundreds."