Man thinks he's filmed 'Jesus' floating in the sky

Man thinks he's filmed 'Jesus' floating in the sky

Over the years, people have claimed to have filmed all kinds of weird phenomena in their backyards. UFOs are a common sighting, or even Bigfoot from time to time. But few people have ever been as bold as to claim they've seen our Lord Jesus Christ while mowing the lawn ... until now.

A man named Pablo Morales has filmed what he claims is an image of Christ outside his home in Burbank, California in May.

Although the footage is grainy and low-resolution (as all X-Files video recordings appear to be) it appears to show a man-shape walking casually through the clouds one dark evening.

Check out the enigmatic footage below:

Pablo first noticed the bizarre object moving through the air while outside smoking with a buddy and his wife near an airport. The trio noticed the weird shape in the cloudbank, and Pablo decided to film it for posterity.

This makes the video doubly suspicious given his proximity to a controlled fly zone, which means that no drones or flying objects are permitted to fly in the airspace.

So if the shape isn't a drone on an aircraft, then what is it? Aliens? According to Pablo, it's Jesus walking on the air. However, he could well be jumping to conclusions.

This footage could be an example of a psychological effect known as "pareidolia" - in which human beings observe familiar shapes and patterns (such as faces or figures) in random stimuli and innocuous objects. So maybe this isn't the second coming of Christ after all.

That's a shame; as it means we still have to all go to work on Monday...