Meet the two 'Human Barbies' competing against each other for Instagram followers

Meet the two 'Human Barbies' competing against each other for Instagram followers

The idea of a 'Human Barbie' sounds altogether barmy, but the idea of more than one? And more than one competing to become the all conquering Human Barbie-conquering hero? Words don't do it justice really. But that's the situation in Poland right now, as two Human Barbies fight it out on Instagram to become the country's number one.

The competitors? First up, we have Anella, a Polish architect who built a new life for herself after realising her desire to "achieve the perfect look of a Barbie doll".

Naming herself the "first Polish Barbie," Anella has stated that she never planned to look like the popular children's toy, but after having surgery on her nose, she got addicted and went on to spend roughly £30,000 (almost $40,000) more on surgery, getting her lips and breasts done too.

Speaking on local TV, the Instagram star, who works full-time as an architect, said: "It came about very spontaneously. It was not planned at all. Everyone has a complex - even small things like hair or something you have to change. I said that I would like to improve one thing, for example, my nose. And I did it. Then I thought about nice breasts and I thought, ‘why not’. And that was the start."

She added: "I like strange, weird, and unique things, maybe because I’m weird. I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic. People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside."

But she's going to have to fight for her place as Poland's favourite human Barbie. Her direct competitor, according to the media, is Wiktoria Sypucinska, one of the stars of Warsaw Shore, a Polish reality television series, much like TOWIE or Jersey Shore, broadcast on MTV.

Wiktoria wows her Instagram followers with her glamorous posts, which receive thousands of likes every day. However, at the moment, she's one step behind her rival Anella, who boasts 138,000 followers to her 135,000.

However, with only 3,000 followers difference, some might say the pair are neck and neck for the Polish Barbie crown. They have a long way to go to catch up with the main doll in town though, Valeria Lukyanova.

Reigning from neighbouring country Ukraine, Valeria boasts over half a million followers on Instagram and is, so far, winning the battle. Weirdly enough, she insisted back in 2016 that her resemblance to the children's toy wasn't intentional. She has admitted that she has had a boob job, but insists she hasn't had any other plastic surgery and uses make-up and contact lenses to achieve her look.

In addition, she claims that her appearance comes a lot from a healthy lifestyle."I’ve only done my boobs and have always been skinny," Valeria, who nowadays boasts a more muscular appearance than before, said a few years ago. "The only difference is that now I am more fit. That’s the only difference."

So, which Human Barbie do you think deserves to win the battle? Or can they all live in harmony together, hanging out with Ken in the Barbie Doll Dreamhouse? Watch this space.