Model slammed for posting selfie with her dead father on Instagram

Model slammed for posting selfie with her dead father on Instagram

Thankfully, in my short time on this planet, I haven't had to deal with much grief and upset. However, some people have, and they channel their emotions through different means and avenues. For some, if they're sad after the death of a loved one, they will disappear for a while and take time out to reflect and enjoy some time alone. For others, however, they find comfort in the company of other people - even if it's online.

Take social media, for example. Often, when a loved one passes away, we see people take to their Facebook or Instagram to post a heartfelt and emotional tribute to that person. Whether it's a grandma, brother, or even a dog - the poster takes heart in the responses of well-wishers and tributes alike.

However, while pictures of holding hands or nostalgic childhood photos are commonplace in these tributes, actual photos of dead bodies are not... and for good reason.

Let's face it, when we log onto Instagram or Facebook, we're either there to stalk to lives of people from school, or to look at aesthetically pleasing things like sneakers, house plants and amazing holiday destinations. But, one Serbian model had other ideas.

Jelica Ljubicic, a singer and model from Serbia, posted a picture on her Instagram story where she can be seen posing for the camera while her father lays dead behind her.

Jelica's dad's head had fallen to one side, with local media reporting that he had died shortly before the picture was taken.

Understandably, Jelica received a huge backlash from followers who were baffled by the upload. However, before deleting the image - and her account - Jelica had issued a heartfelt tribute to her father.

Ljubicic wrote in the caption:

"We have fought as much as we can, but it is not our will. We don't decide how long we will live. He left us in the 67th year of life. Thank you for everything, I am grateful for being your daughter, and having you as my father.

"Thank you for bringing us to the right path. Rest in peace, you will always stay in our hearts."

Despite her heartfelt message, people were left creeped out by the photo and took to Jelica's profile to publicly criticise the image.

Rile commented: "This is how much she cares for her father she has the time and strength to take photos."

And Magdalena added: "Only a sick person can do this."

Nada wrote: "I can’t believe what am I reading and seeing. No, there is no hope for this world."

As mentioned, Jelica has now removed both the image and her profile from the internet as a result of the backlash.

While her intentions may have been to simply issue a heartfelt message to her late father, Jelica's choice of pose in front of his dead body was always going to garner a lot of attention and criticism.