Model wants life-threatening surgery to get 'the world's biggest bum'

Model wants life-threatening surgery to get 'the world's biggest bum'

In 1992, Sir Mix-A-Lot made the song I Like Big Butts, and the world was never the same. Curvaceous figures are all over pop culture - just look at bootylicious stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. But if you weren't blessed with a natural applebottom, there are two ways to get one: an intense workout regime, and risky plastic surgery.

However, 24-year-old model Natasha Crown doesn't just want a big booty. She wants the biggest. She gained over 50 pounds and got three 'Brazilian butt lifts' to achieve her current figure, with a waistline of 83-inches. But she desires a record-breaking circumference of 90-inches. In order to reach this milestone, she plans to gain 40 more pounds and get a fourth, risky fat transfer procedure (in which fat is transplanted from another area of her body to her bottom.)

On Wednesday, Natasha appeared on ITV's This Morning to discuss - and twerk - her enormous derrière. The model, who hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, said she feasts on an high calorie diet to pile on pounds. That means she gorges on pizza, pasta, chocolate sundaes plus six kilos of Nutella every month.

"People should know, that I am exercising every day I am not just eating," said Natasha who has 135,000 followers on Instagram. "To maintain the muscles in the right place I am exercising. I feel healthy." And while social media is full of body-shaming trolls, she doesn't let the negativity bring her down. "I think I have more haters than more fans. I have my own website and my fans are there. I am earning money off this."

And why, exactly, is Natasha doing this? "Because I have a goal to have the world's biggest bum. At the beginning it wasn’t like that. It was just to have a bigger one.' Of course, the 'Brazilian Butt Lift' procedure is extremely dangerous. Leah Cambridge, a 29-year-old mother-of-three, tragically died following $3,900 'butt lift surgery' at a clinic in Turkey. Reportedly, she had three heart attacks on the operating table, after fat was deposited in her bloodstream.

The elective procedure has one of the highest death rates, but Natasha is nonchalant. "I wouldn’t say it is dangerous because it is my own fat," she stated. However, her family is worried about her diet and lifestyle. "They are really concerned about me doing all this surgery and doing so much," she revealed. "They think I am going to die because I am gaining so much, they think that is not healthy." Yet she still plans to get the fourth butt lift procedure in six months.

One hopes that Natasha will change her mind about getting such a risky surgery. But in an interview with The Sun, she revealed how much these procedures mean to her:

"When I was a teenager and my body started to change - I got boobs, I got a bum. I just loved my body so much. Since then I have had three butt lifts as well as boob jobs and I also have [lip] filler and lots of other procedures.  I just love the feel of having a big bum. When I walk, I feel all the jiggling, jiggling, jiggling and I start to feel horny with myself. That is the best feeling I think. My bum makes me feel sexy and makes me feel powerful."