Multimillionaire seeks 10 people to live with him on a private island

Multimillionaire seeks 10 people to live with him on a private island

A multimillionaire from Germany is seeking 10 people to live with him in a luxurious ''paradise'' in New Zealand.

According to a recent report by, iced coffee beverage mogul, Karl Reipen, is looking for people aged 70 or younger to join a communal living situation at his luxurious estate in Awakino, on the west coast of the North Island, which is valued at a whopping $5.6 million.

Per Stuff, Reipen twice placed an advert for the opulent property in the New Zealand Herald’s holiday accommodation section this week, boasting about the estate's sweeping views of the Tasman Sea and isolated tranquility.

The ad states: "If you are interested to live a life with a group of interesting people it can be a new life for you. You can enjoy walking, fishing, shopping, kayaking, bird watching, swimming or looking at the nice animals.”

It adds: "But I bought a lot of work and it took me 10 years to bring it to the standard of today. Now where everything is finished I would like to share the ‘paradise’ with nice people."

The commune is the latest in a series of projects orchestrated in the area by Reipen's colorful history in Taranaki, where he's had various different property and commercial interests since 2000.

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According to the publication, the Awakino Estate is fitted out with an indoor equestrian center, stables, a winery, and several other homes. The estate is approximately 90 minutes away from New Plymouth and Hamilton by car.

So if you fancy getting away to the hustle and bustle of the city, and retreating to somewhere peaceful and remote, then why not consider replying to Reipen's ad and joining his cozy little community?