Pornhub launches bee-themed channel to raise funds for bee conservation

Pornhub launches bee-themed channel to raise funds for bee conservation

Pornhub is one of the biggest sites around for... uh... adult entertainment. After nearly 12 years of being active, it's made a lot of money - and is one of the biggest sites on the internet. In fact, it's only a couple of spots down on the total site rankings from Netflix, and has managed to beat eBay, LinkedIn and Twitch.

From this position, they haven't just rested on their laurels. For one, they've launched plenty of joke changes to the site - including an April Fool's Day where their front page became CornHub, displaying videos of sweet corn with alluring titles. Beyond that, they've dabbled in philanthropy too.

In 2002 they ran a breast cancer awareness campaign, and donated some of the profits from their videos to several charities. Their 'Pornhub gives America Wood' campaign offered to plant a tree for every 100 videos viewed - resulting in 15,473 trees being planted. Now, they're looking to give back to the environment again - in a much more ridiculous way.

Their latest initiative is a 'BeeSexual' channel, which hopes to help out the bee population. Viewers will be given the chance to watch bees during the intimate act of pollination, while money being donated to bee conservation with each view.

A decline in bee colonies across the world has been well documented, with the EPA highlighting Colony Collapse Disorder as a primary reason behind this over recent years. Besides the harm to the bees themselves, this can cause a number of ecological issues - considering how key bees are to pollination. It doesn't help that the Trump administration rolled back bans on the use of certain bee-eradicating pesticides last year.

With this new channel, each view will send money towards a bee preservation and protection organisation. This news was announced on Pornhub's YouTube channel, where they introduced the dire situation and how we can help.

In the voiceover, they say:

"Most plants and trees rely on bees to have sex and breed. But sadly, bees are dying off and without them, it’s lights out for nature’s sex life and no more fruits and vegetables for us. Pornhub presents BeeSexual.

"BeeSexual is a whole new genre of porn, dedicated to saving the bees. We turn short videos of foraging bees into what they really are – funny, kinky, nature porn."

Sounds good to watch for a minute, but how are they keeping people around long enough to generate large donations? Well, it turns out each of the featured bees will be voice by adult film stars, which is bound to make it a funny watch. Stars such as Dante Colle, Brett Rossi, and Domino Presley are said to be involved in these videos.

Pornhub aren't the only ones doing their part to saves the bees. Morgan Freeman has reportedly turned his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a bee sanctuary, hoping to do his part keep them preserved.