Russian Burger King offers a 'lifetime supply' of Whoppers to any women who get pregnant by a footballer

Russian Burger King offers a 'lifetime supply' of Whoppers to any women who get pregnant by a footballer

All across the globe, World Cup fever has gripped every nation, as people from all four corners of human society come together to watch a ton of sport, drink a ton of beers, and generally get merry for the biggest sporting event in the world. While last time in 2014, the World Cup came to you from Brazil, this year, Russia are the hosts.

Hosting a World Cup can be a transformative experience (just ask South Korea), but from the outside looking in, it's hard to understand the level of effort that goes into hosting one. Not only do you have to have the necessary infrastructure in terms of stadiums and accommodation, but the locals have to adapt as well.

Having so many passionate (possibly drunk) football fans traipsing through your home streets can be a difficult experience, but if you can be welcoming enough, it's an amazing opportunity to learn about cultures other than your own. One Burger King location out in Russia at the moment are apparently very keen on Russian locals... er, making the most of the World Cup experience.

On the social media site VK (kind of like the Russian version of Facebook), Burger King Russia caught the eye of the world over after apparently promising a lifetime supply of Whoppers, not to mention 3 million Rubles, to anyone who manages to get pregnant by a footballer at this year's World Cup.

That's right - not only did someone have the idea of cash incentives to bed Harry Kane, Paul Pogba or Cristiano Ronaldo, but it was Burger King, who actually thought it was a good enough to go along with. Though (of course) the post has since been deleted. Here's the glorious post in question, roughly translated by Deadspin:

"Burger King, within the framework of social responsibility, has appointed a reward for girls who get pregnant from the stars of world football. Each will receive 3 million rubles, and a lifelong supply of Whoppers. For these girls, it will be possible to get the best football genes, and will lay down the success of the Russian national team on several generations ahead. Forward! We believe in you!"

So the idea behind it is to ensnare the greatest footballing talent the world has to offer in order breed a new generation of super footballers. Who, then, will use their natural talent (and inevitable daddy issues) to propel Russia to glory in a World Cup 20 to 30 decades from now. Okay.

Now, this is obviously insane. So it was no surprised that Burger King Russia had to issue an apology. "We apologise for the statement we made. It turned out to be too insulting. We thank you for the feedback," says Burger King Russia, and although "insulting" doesn't quite cover the insanity proposed in that original post, kudos to them for putting together an... unforgettable promotion ahead of the World Cup.