Tallest skyscraper in San Francisco becomes terrifying 'Eye of Sauron' for Halloween

Tallest skyscraper in San Francisco becomes terrifying 'Eye of Sauron' for Halloween

Game of Thrones is currently the biggest fantasy series about, across both television and film, but it wasn't the first to elevate stories of swords, spears and dragons to the most popular entertainment in the modern world. The Lord of the Rings books first hit shelves in the 1950s, and the complex world J.R.R Tolkien created had a huge impact on the world, reinvigorating the genre and giving fans plenty of material to indulge in until it finally got the big screen treatment.

While there was no way they were going to fit every detail from the books into a film series, the trilogy of movies did serve as an accurate and highly-successful adaptation of the story, making a ton of money ($2.9 billion is pretty good going), satisfying the fans and those new to the series. After all, this is one of the few fantasy movies to make it to the Oscars - sweeping up a total of 17 Academy Awards.

With these movies, and the trilogy of Hobbit movies that followed, it's fair to say that people are still pretty enthused about it. Halloween is a prime opportunity to dress up as one of the many different fictional races in Middle Earth, whether you're an Orc, an Elf or a Ring-wraith, there's plenty of creepy options.

However, it seems that LOTR fans had enough influence to make a building dress up for the night too.

The Salesforce Tower, aka the tallest building in San Francisco, had a makeover on Halloween as the Eye of Sauron from the films - after an online petition pushed for the idea.

This petition gained over 11,000 signatures, and the description from petition leader Red Rainey turned out to be pretty persuasive:

"We believe in the power of the internet as a gathering place for people to share ideas and affect real world change. Our goal is to create a breath of creatively fresh air amid an otherwise barren political landscape.

"We invite the organization who has redefined the San Francisco skyline and, in the process, contributed to small and large business worldwide, to stand not only as a beacon for capitalist pursuit but to tip their hat to the people, culture, and community of this great city. A city built on creativity, exploration, and burning self-expression.

We invite the organization to fly a flag for all who dare to dream, uniting the districts, strengthening the ties, and fortifying the bridges by lighting an LED fire atop this sanctuary city. In the process embracing a fun, artistic, and timely show of creativity that the whole city can enjoy - for one night only.

"It has been said that bonds are formed through shared experiences, the strongest of which are forged in fire. We ask of you to help us unite the city, and raise the torch on Halloween night as one community, together."

You can see how the owners of the 1,070-foot-tall tower were swayed by this, and it ended up delighting fans all over the city. And even if you didn't get the reference - seeing a flaming eye above you during Halloween eve is a pretty good look.