Teacher totally loses cool over prank in viral video

Teacher totally loses cool over prank in viral video

We all knew a teacher in school who was incapable of keeping their cool. Seriously, there are some teachers who are able to laugh classroom hijinks off as being nothing more than a harmless joke, while there are others who erupt like Mt. Krakatoa at the slightest sign of trouble.

If you want proof of this then look no further than the following video, which has gone viral on social media this week. The footage in question shows a teacher going absolutely ballistic over a prank played on them by students, losing their cool in the most hilarious possible way.

Check out the hilarious video of the prank below:

The short video was first shared on the social network, Tik Tok, and allegedly stems from a school in Collierville, Tennessee. It reportedly occurred on August 29, 2019.

The clip begins with a shot of a television screen in a classroom, which appears to be broken and filled with static. A teenage student, who goes by the handle @rayyanshaikh, can be seen filming the broken screen.

When the teacher entered the classroom, he immediately noticed the broken television screen, and started ranting in frustration; assuming wrongly that students had been misbehaving, and had broken it.

An image of a static TV screen. Credit: Getty

However, the furious teacher didn't know that the student was actually playing a prank on him, by airplaying a video of a broken screen on the Apple TV via his phone, which fooled his tutor into assuming that the expensive equipment had been destroyed.

But in case you were worried that the teacher didn't manage to see the funny side and gave our prankster detention, @rayyanshaik ended the video with a shot of him sitting next to his tutor, which seems to suggest that he ended up seeing the funny side of things after all.