Teen breaks Guinness World Record by solving six Rubik's Cubes underwater in a single breath

Teen breaks Guinness World Record by solving six Rubik's Cubes underwater in a single breath

Solving a Rubik's Cube (or Speed Cube, Magic Cube, Puzzle Cube... whatever) is difficult enough. The aim of the game is to twist the multi-coloured panels of the cube so that each of the six faces of the cube is one single colour. Simple concept, tricky to master.

But some people are so good at solving Rubik's Cubes that they need to introduce other challenges into the mix. Today's story, for example, is of the Guinness World Record of how many Rubik's Cubes a single person can solve underwater... in only one breath.

The record up until Friday was five cubes, a record set by Anthony Brooks. He solved the five cubes back in August 2014 in New Jersey in the United States, according to the Guinness World Record website. Now, four years on, someone else has broken Brooks' record after they managed to solve six cubes in a single breath.

A young man from Tbilisi, the capital of the country Georgia, set the new record on Friday when he was filmed solving six Rubik's Cubes in a glass box filled with water without coming up for air. The 18-year-old student said he had been preparing himself for the underwater challenge for the past half a year, practising several hours a day.

The new record holder is Vako Marchelashvili, and he'll get his name marked in Guinness World Record history after sending video evidence of the record to officials.

“I trained a lot planning to break a record - and to ensure my safety, because even a small mistake could be dangerous and life-altering,” Marchelashvili said after the successful attempt, according to Reuters.

“I think my result will stay as a record for a long time. I hope to break many other records.”

Considering that the last underwater Rubik's record was set four years ago and that the number of blocks to be solved can only be higher, this might well be the case.

You can watch the attempt here:

Marchelashvili was submerged in water holding his breath for a total of one minute and 44 seconds. Crowds looked on as he managed to unpuzzle the cubes at the Gino Paradise aqua park in Tbilisi.

The 18-year-old was presented with a diploma to confirm his monumental feat from the Georgian Records Federation, who were among the spectator. It is the Federation who is responsible for sending the record-breaking proof to the Guinness World Records offices.

After footage of Marchelashvili's achievement emerged online, people voiced their praise for the young man. "And I've never even solved one Rubik's Cube, above water, EVER," one person wrote, while another said, "Took me 30 minutes to solve a single Rubix cube above water #proud".

"I still haven't finished mine from the 80s..." joked another. Someone else kept it real by admitting he can only solve one side as quickly as Marchelashvili could solve six whole ones: "i can solve only one face with in 2 min, he's best".

Well, it looks like six is the new number to beat!