Teen gets stuck trying to climb down her own chimney

Teen gets stuck trying to climb down her own chimney

A teenager who tried to shimmy down her chimney in an attempt to sneak home after a late night out ended up getting stuck for more than an hour and needed to be rescued by the emergency services.

According to a report by Fox 11, the adolescent girl (who has not been identified) ended up attempting an ill-fated Santa Claus maneuver on the evening of Wednesday, November 27.

A girl called Yasmeen and her 17-year-old friend had been out partying all night, but came back to Yasmeen's home near 19th Avenue and Baseline Road in the city of Phoenix, to discover they were locked out.

Check out this footage of the teenager's rescue: 

After trying various different methods of attempting to climb back inside somehow, Yasmeen claims her friend attempted to climb up on the roof and enter the property like Father Christmas.

However, she ended up getting stuck inside the chimney and was screaming for help for more than an hour and a half before the authorities were able to rescue her.

Commenting on the bizarre situation in a later interview, Yasmeen stated: "I didn't know it was blocked in the bottom. I never thought it was blocked on the bottom, so she went down and she started freaking out ... I don't know what we were thinking."

Watch this news report about the incident in the video below: 

Thankfully, firefighters eventually arrived on the scene and set up a tripod over the chimney. Using this device, they were able to hoist the poor girl out after 40 minutes. The 17-year-old was covered in soot, but otherwise unharmed, and declined the offer of a ride to the hospital.

So guys, if there's any lesson to take from this story, it's this: for the love of God, please invest in a spare set of keys!