The hysterical park employee who screamed at a visitor in a viral video has lost her job

The hysterical park employee who screamed at a visitor in a viral video has lost her job

When Chris Hampshire was leaving Cedar Breaks Park, in Georgetown, Texas, he accidentally steered down the wrong exit. So, he backed up, and prepared to leave the right way, only to run into a hysterical gate attendant. The woman blocked him from leaving, called the police, and falsely stated he "ran her over." Then she screamed, "Mike! Mike! Mike!" The mysterious "Mike" did not arrive, and the woman continued to freak out. "You're in trouble, you're going to jail" she warned. "How?" asked Chris. "You're hurting me!" yelled the woman, who was not being hurt.

The bizarre, but hilarious, interaction was captured on video. Chris said, "you can't hold me here," and asked the park employee to move, but she refused. As she wailed, and pounded on the hood of his car, two park rangers arrived and tried to sort out the situation. The rangers told Chris to stay, and he objected, because he didn't do anything wrong. Meanwhile, the woman continued to scream that Chris ran her over. That's where the footage ends. In a day, it got over a million views on Facebook.

In the video description, Chris revealed what happened afterward: "Right after the video ended I left while she was screaming bloody murder. A few miles down the road I saw about 15 cop cars with sirens and all blasting past me. (they legitimately thought someone was being ran over) Got pulled over a mile or two after that. Thankfully the cops were calm, after I showed them the video they understood my perspective completely and let me go."

The footage quickly went viral, and Twitter users turned the hysterical woman into a meme. While she screamed for "Mike," they imagined Mike slinking away, wanting nothing to do with the situation.

Chris uploaded the video on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the woman lost her job. "She was not fired. We got to a mutual agreement not to renew her contract, which was coming up, and that it was best to part ways," said Randy Cephus, the park's Deputy Public Affairs Officer, speaking with BuzzFeed News. "We expect [our staff] to act in a professional manner. That was not in line with our core policies." (Translation: That lady was cray-cray.)

A U.S. Army Corp of Engineers representative released the following statement:

"We are aware of an incident which occurred with one of our contracted gate attendants at Cedar Breaks Park, Lake Georgetown. We neither condone nor support this sort of behavior by our employees or contractors. The incident occurred on August 25 and the gate attendant is no longer at the park or providing contracted gate attendant duties at any of our lakes. Our goal is to offer a pleasant and safe recreation experience for all our guests."

The woman in the video has not been identified, and it is not clear why she was so upset. But hopefully she found Mike.