The mysterious 'penis fish' is the internet's new favourite meme

The mysterious 'penis fish' is the internet's new favourite meme

The weird 'penis fish' which have mysteriously washed up on Drakes Beach in northern California due to the recent weather conditions have become popular online.

According to Bay Nature, the strange phallic undersea creatures were first spotted on December 6 by biologist Ivan Parr. The creatures are actually called innkeeper worms, and they have allegedly been forced out of their underwater burrows and washed up on the beach as a result of recent storms in the local area.

When the pictures of the innkeeper worms hit social media, netizens were fascinated by their comical shape and resemblance to a certain part of the male anatomy. Now there are loads of image macros and memes of the worms online, which we've taken the liberty of collating for you. No need to thank us.

Scroll down to take a look at the best reactions to the creatures on social media below:

Speaking to Vice's Motherboard, witness David Ford stated: "I didn’t expect to see such bizarre creatures on the ground. I had no idea what they might went on for two miles. I walked for another half hour and they were scattered everywhere."

He added: "There were seagulls lined up the beach the whole way having eaten so much they could barely stand. A quarter of them looked like they were still alive. The rest were dead, they had a dead sea-creature smell."

Check out this video of a weird creature that looks just like Dobby from the Harry Potter movies:

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