The 'step mullet' is the next big hair trend

The 'step mullet' is the next big hair trend

Ever heard of the so-called ''step mullet''? Well, you're about to as it's sure to become the next daring hair trend.

The step mullet is basically a hairstyle in which your locks are cut at two or three distinct levels or ''steps'' - usually, it's a bob with a shorter bob (as a sort of fringe). Or it can also be an actual fringe, a bob and a shorter bob.

High-profile trendsetters such as DJ Yulia and influencer Reese Blutstein have also been seen sporting the 'do.

"It's very interesting because mostly hair trends come from 60-80s but I feel like Step Mullet is a 00's thing," Masami Hosono, the Creative Director at Vacancy Project, told Teen Vogue.

"I really think it comes from people who cut their own hair...Kind of accident based, DIY, just chopped your step with kitchen scissors," she continued. "I often see my clients bring pictures of Mick Jagger...or Charlee Fraser's face frame part."

Take a look at these potentially life-changing hair hacks:

Whether you've got naturally curly or naturally straight hair - it's a look that pretty much anyone can rock. In fact, according to Masami, "straight hair is best to make a sharp line especially but curly hair is also cute."

She insists that the most important thing to focus on is "the balance between length/bangs/and steps."

Personally, I think it's far too 'out there' a look for me - but I'm sure plenty of people would rock this unconventional style!