These are the weirdest royal wedding memorabilia items you can buy

These are the weirdest royal wedding memorabilia items you can buy

As the ceremony draws to a close after months of build-up, the royal wedding comedown will undoubtedly begin. The whole world has been obsessed with Harry and Meghan in the last few months and they gripped the eyes of the world today when they finally tied the knot in a stunning ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Unsurprisingly - given the rabid nature of royal family fans - people have been marking the celebration of love through merchandise. Whether it's teacups, t-shirts or cutlery; there's a variety of different royal wedding memorabilia to be purchased. However, some are a little more peculiar than others.

So, in celebration of Meghan and Harry and to reveal how bizarre some people truly are, here are seven of the weirdest royal wedding memorabilia items that you can buy.

1. Swimsuits

This is one sure-fire way to terrify people at the beach or by the pool. Whether the placement of Harry's beard is intentional or not, it only increases the grotesque nature of these items. You can pick one of these up for £28 over at Bags Of Love - a bargain in my eyes.

2. Royal wedding dolls

Well these are absolutely frightening, aren't they? Priced at £113 on Etsy, not only will they set you back a serious amount of cash, they will also prevent you from sleeping.

3. Condoms

If you're going to wrap up your crown jewels (which you should be doing!) then you may as well do it with something befitting of them. These condoms are not only royal wedding themed, but they also play God Save The Queen and The Star Spangled Banner when you open the box.

4. Sick bag

With all this love in the air, some people may be feeling slightly nauseous by it all. Luckily, there is a product for these people - with there being a sick bag that includes a stylised image of Harry and Meghan for you to unload the contents of your stomach into.

5. An engagement drum

Quite why you need a drum with a picture of Harry and Meghan on it, I'm not too sure. But, if you do want to celebrate the occasion by annoying your neighbours and banging a drum, you can pick this one up for just £44 a piece.

6. A commemorative t-shirt

Stylish or stalker? Do both. Show your love for the iconic duo by wearing a t-shirt that claims that you should've been walking been down the aisle instead.

7. Cereal

Get two things for the price of one with this unique breakfast cereal. Not only are you getting a multigrain breakfast that "tastes royally good", but you also get two freaky looking masks on the box. I'll see you at the checkout!

So, if you're still not quite over the wedding yet, why not help yourself to some of these themed products and help the hangover. Happy wedding day, Harry and Meghan!