'Time Traveler' from 2045 claims to know who the last ever president of the United States will be

'Time Traveler' from 2045 claims to know who the last ever president of the United States will be

As a devoted Doctor Who and Back to the Future fan, I've always wanted to own a time machine. It would be amazing to travel all through history. To see famous events from the past: like the birth of Christ, or the Gettysburg address, or Woodstock.

Even more exciting is the possibility of travelling forward in time to visit the future. I want to see how human history pans out, and what's in store for our species in years to come. Maybe we'll finally get the flying cars and jetpacks we've always wanted, or maybe the future Earth will be a blasted, irradiated hell-hole thanks to nuclear wars or climate change.

The thing is, there are positively loads of self-professed time travellers knocking about on the internet, each of them claiming to be from the future with unique insights on how everything will turn out a few years down the line. They're probably completely baloney, but some of them are at least interesting to read about.

One of these enigmatic time-travel impersonators is a man who goes by the name 'Adam Archon.' Adam's identity has been kept secret (probably because it's a hoax) but he's been sharing his knowledge of the future on the YouTube channel ApexTV, and makes some pretty bizarre claims.

One of his boldest claims, for example, is that Martin Luther King Jr's granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King will become president by 2030. What's more, 'Adam' claims that she will be the last ever president of the United States.

The so-called time traveller states: "The last formal President of the United States is Yolanda King. She’s the best President the United States has ever seen." 'Adam also stated that the existence of aliens will be revealed to the public by August 2028, adding: "I cannot say where they’re from but it is not from space ... In February 2029, there is an implanted chip known as 'The One', that lets people pay, expand their brain functions and stay healthy. This will go in your right hand."

An image of Yolanda Renee King. Credit: Getty

Furthermore, 'Adam' claims that the first ever robot will be released to the public in 2020, and spark a wave of controversy. Then, by the early 2030s, all countries around the globe will start to merge into one, and people in the future will become cashless and adopt one single digital currency.

As nice as it is to watch movies and TV shows about time travel on TV, the reality is that time travel is scientifically impossible. Don't be mad at me, take it up with Albert Einstein. And while you're at it, take Adam's comments with a pinch of salt.