'Time traveller' who claims to have visited the year 3700 warns of a robot versus human war

'Time traveller' who claims to have visited the year 3700 warns of a robot versus human war

Back in 2009, the late, great Stephen Hawking hosted a party for time travellers. It was complete with canapés and flutes of fancy champagne, and anyone was invited - providing, of course, that they could travel back to the past, as the theoretical physicist only announced the time and date of the event after it had happened.

Unfortunately, nobody turned up, and that was proof enough for Hawking that time travellers did not exist (or, at least, were not in control of when and where they travelled to... or were just rude).

Still, that hasn't stopped a load of people from coming forward and claiming that they've just arrived here from the future.

Apex TV, a Youtube channel which specialises in paranormal activity and conspiracy theories, has featured a lot of so-called time travellers on their page recently, the most recent of which claims to be from the 38th century.

time traveller Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

The subject of this video is "Mike", a French native who moved to Canada at the age of 14.

When he was 18 years old, he says, he began work at "the National Secure Laboratory of Canada" and became involved in "many secret operations and objectives."

"We were doing experiments with a time machine," he said. "We sent many groups and single travels to the future. I was also involved in the groups and was travelling with them.

"We were travelling to random years, but our main target was the year 3700."

Of course, Mike has no concrete proof that he has visited the future - but he does have some pretty far-fetched stories about robots.

During his 18 or so visits to the year 3,700, he says, he encountered all sorts of robots: some of which were convincingly human, and others which were "perfect killing machines" used for military purposes. And the humans were warring against them.

time traveller Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

"In the year 3700 the war began," Mike said. "The war between human race and artificial creators. The robots. The robots who had an artificial intelligence once understood their power. They understood their dominance above humans and raised above them. They were slaves but become the leaders.

"The war had been started. The war that kind of nobody had seen before. On September 20 in the year 3700, all robots over the planet earth started their attack.

"After the first wave of assault, over 30 per cent of humans were destroyed.

"They used internet and wireless system to be connected at once and give attack together. The only thing that saved the most population of humans is that robots did not get the codes of launching system of the nuclear rockets. In that case there would be not a war, but a genocide of the human race."

time traveller Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

Mike says that he managed to kill at least one robot while he was in the future, and brought back a part of it with him. When he showed Apex TV the supposedly futuristic technology, however, the viewers were less than convinced, saying it looked far too rudimentary to be from the year 3,700.

Indeed, there are quite a lot of holes in Mike's story (a huge one being 'Why would this secret Canadian authority hire a teenager to go and wage war against super advanced robots?'), but people will believe what they want to believe.

Is it possible that robots will rise up against humans in the next 1700 years? Sure. But did Mike witness this revolt for himself, kill a robot, and is now fleeing the Canadian government in fear of his life? Probably not.