Watch this competitive eater take on a 10-pound burger challenge

Watch this competitive eater take on a 10-pound burger challenge

The Food Envy faithful will know competitive eating is no joke, despite what YouTube comments will tell you. Raina Huang knows this all too well.

In a recent Facebook Livestream with Foodbeast, Huang took on the OMG Burger Challenge at The Catch in Anaheim, California. For the past nine years, someone comes in about every two weeks to try and take down this 10-pound burger in an hour. Only one has ever succeeded. If anyone could do it, it could be record holding Raina.

Ranai holds the current world record for the largest In-N-Out burger (a 50x50), and cleaned out the entire Panda Express menu in 45 minutes. Still, her biggest worry going into The Catch was that she wouldn't be able to finish.

The OMG Burger is a beastly foe, packing a host of ingredients into its heft. It's got a five-pound beef patty, three whole onions, four tomatoes, five large pickles, plenty of cheese and dressing, and a heap of lettuce. Oh, and that's all crammed into a 12-inch bun that's seemingly more foam pillow than it is bread.

While you don't have to finish them, there's also a pickle and mini slider on top to garnish the burger alongside a MASSIVE moat of fries (also optional). Combined, everything weighed just over 16 pounds.

In terms of what's at stake, not finishing the burger sets you back a solid $80. But winning gets you immortalized in the restaurant's "OMG Champions" wall of fame and a $500 cash prize, so the reward is well worth the risk here.

The rules are pretty strict, though. Apart from the one-hour time limit, you're not allowed any bathroom breaks, and the burger can't be dipped in water or anything else to make it easier. There's also a waiver that Raina had to sign before attempting the OMG. A hostess who witnessed the entire thing said Raina gave an effort that she said was the best she's ever seen.

Her strategy was to attack the meat patty first, devouring it and most of the veggies in the first half of the challenge. However, the density, acidity, and flavour of the bread put Huang off, creating a struggle for her to get through. When time expired, Raina was left with about a third of the loaf and a spot amongst the many who had failed to conquer the burger.

Her shot was according to many, one of the most impressive to date. During the Livestream, the comments came pouring through. Derek Killough said, "Dam girl you definitely hold your own, dudes don’t even come close to competing with you by any means." Candace Labriola said, "She can't eat that alone... can she??? Omg I'd have to find a way to drop most of it under the table!"

A lot of people like Michael Costello doubted she could get anywhere near the finish line: "I look at five-pound challenges now and get freaked out. I couldn't imagine trying ten pounds of burger by myself." assured us and Raina: "You can do anything that you put your mind and heart to! Handle your business!!! I'm rooting for you:-)."
Brandy Berry summed up the whole ordeal well, suggesting Foodbeast "give her some Zantac for that stomach pain."

I really hope she got some.