Woman rescued from bath after getting stuck for eight days

Woman rescued from bath after getting stuck for eight days

Police rescued a 70-year-old woman who had been stuck in her bathtub for eight days, Metro reports.

Following concerns over the elderly woman's welfare, officers were sent to her home in Loughborough, Leicestershire, on Wednesday afternoon. They had no choice but to force their way into the property.

It was there that they discovered the woman, whose name has not been released, had been unable to get out of the bath.

Fortunately, it appears that despite being trapped in the bath for over a week, the 70-year-old, who lives alone, had sustained no serious damage to her health.

"Officers managed to get her out and East Midlands Ambulance were called to carry out a medical assessment," a police spokesman said. "Although hungry she is okay."

The woman, who was said to have mobility issues, had access to tap water but not to food.

Check out this interview with a woman who says she still takes baths with her 11-year-old son:

Concerns were raised when a wheels-on-meals service, which sends weekly deliveries to the woman had been unable to contact her for over a week.

"We couldn’t get in touch with her over the phone, which was unusual," Suzy Leeson, franchise owner of Wiltshire Farm Foods, said. "One of our customer care assistants, Dawn Jackson, was becoming increasingly worried about her and was ringing every day."

bath Credit: Pexels

Leeson continues:

"In the end she asked one of our drivers, Lenny, to go round to make sure she was okay. He found a pile of post and decided to call the police. They went round, broke in and found her. The police officer told us she had managed to keep warm with an electric fire. He said she was in hospital but amazingly she was okay.

I can’t imagine how frightening it must have been for her to be unable to move. If Lenny hadn’t gone round she might still be stuck there. Our drivers do try to get to know our customers and look out for them where they can. I’m really pleased with how Lenny and Dawn went out of their way here."

bath Credit: Pexels

The woman is currently recovering in hospital.