Woman's Bible remains undamaged despite fire tearing through her truck

Woman's Bible remains undamaged despite fire tearing through her truck

A man's Facebook post has gone viral this week after his wife's copy of the Bible survived a fire completely unscathed while the blaze destroyed a pickup truck.

Watch this Sherrif rescue an old woman from a burning building in the video below: 

According to a report by ABC 13, a woman named Tina Carr was driving down a Battleground Road in the town of Deer Park in Texas on Sunday, when she felt as though something was seriously wrong with her truck.

As she pulled over to the side of the road,  Tina noticed the truck start to smoke and quickly got out. The truck suddenly burst into flames. The Deer Park Fire Department was dispatched to fight the inferno, and then they discovered something remarkable.

After the fire was extinguished, a search of the charred debris of the truck revealed that, although the flames had melted the dashboard, the engine compartment and passenger compartment, a Bible in the glove compartment belonging to Carr was unharmed save for some minor water damage.

In a later Facebook post, Tina's husband Mike took to social media and uploaded a number of pictures of the burnt-out and blackened remains of the pickup truck.

He captioned the pictures: "Many thanks to my brothers In DPFD for extinguishing my truck. They arrived quickly and had it out in no time. Thanks be to God my wife was able to pull over and get out in time."

Carr also added: "Thank you Tommy Archer, Phillip Arroyo, Don Davis, Brett Conaway, and the all the rest of DPFD crew. That is amazing that the Bible in the truck didn't burn at all. God Bless. [sic]"

So did an act of God really save this holy book? Or was it mere chance and circumstance? It all depends on your point of view...